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Neona is a Public Relations Company with ties to several Brand Communications.

Who Are We?

With over four years of experience, we have the means, influence, and connections to take your brand from point A to point B. Your brand can be so much more, let us paint a relatable picture to your brand, and tell your story the right way.

It just so happens we’re in the attention capturing business. Our ethos; keep it simple, inspire fun & make it shareable. We’re doing some of our best work these days as a production partner for established Companies; creating bold visuals, captivating copy & branded experiences that capture attention, forms connection then converts.

We might be your new creative partner.

Our Aesthetic

We’re known for a style that focuses on fun & shareable moments, chic design & cutting-edge technology to further what’s possible for you. We bring big ideas to life, find inspiration in the most unusual places & we’re constantly on the hunt for exciting new trends to help our clients make a mark. Partner with us today & let's make something worth talking about.

+ We’re Neona Vanity PR.
+ We’ll make you look sweet.
+ Let’s create something worth talking about.

Let’s make Magic Our Mini Profile

Features that stand us out

With a goal-dedicated team which consists of creative individuals.


Our goals are to help you achieve your long-term business goals by building marketing strategies that boost revenue and uphold brand consistency.

Content Branding

Building valuable content that creates a customer base and builds brand awareness while retaining a loyal fan base for the life length of your brand.

Product Design & Development

Identifying the best market opportunities and applying creative critical methods to utilize them.

Our Services

What We Do
Influencer Marketing
Event Planning
Media Communication
Social Media

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